Facilitation Services

Whether you need a leadership strategic session or a front-line focus group...we offer professional facilitation services to help make your next planning session more effective and efficient.

We will develop a comprehensive session agenda based on working with you to determine the session's needs. We set up the room and facilitate the day for you. We worry about the details so the whole team can actively participate without worrying about the logistics.  Following the session, you will receive a summary of session outcomes including next steps and actions required.

Examples of sessions that we can support your organization:

  • Team Building sessions
  • Off-site meetings
  • Management retreats
  • Strategic planning
  • Brainstorming sessions

Organization Benefits of using a Professional Facilitator:

  • Engagement of everyone in room through various techniques
  • Facilitator is experienced in keeping people on track and time therefore can move the meeting to a successful end
  • Everyone can participate including the leader
  • Provides an “outside” perspective that clarifies actions by asking the “right questions”
  • Deal with conflict from an external perspective – no taking sides or being seen as taking sides
  • Captures just the Actions – and drives to ask “who will do this and when” – to allow accountability
  • We create the summary of actions and follows-up therefore more time for your employees to do their work
  • Leader is able to show-up and not worry about any of the logistical details
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Change Management Services

Did you know 90% of change's fail. Why because organizations do not focus on the people side of change. Whether you are changing your corporate culture or implementing new technology, an effective change management plan is critical in the success of the change.

We will work with the people side of the project. Project Managers focus on meeting deadlines and ensuring proper processes are in place. A Change Manager focuses on how the new processes etc will impact all levels of the organization. Therefore it is important to identify employees needs and what they may struggle with to make the change. The change management plan identifies impacts and how to support employees through the change.

Organization Benefits:

  • DMY is certified in Change Management (Prosci Methodology) therefore this approach has been proven to be successful.
  • Supports leaders to help them understand the change as well as how to support their direct reports during the change.
  • Minimizes employees resistance to change therefore productivity will remain close to benchmark.
  • Improves morale, productivity and quality of work.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety and encourages people to stay loyal to the organization.
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"Culture happens with or without you". An organization needs to "choose" how they would like to shape "how things are done around here" to achieve the mission and vision of the organization before it is chosen for them.

Our area of expertise is to help organizations create strategic and tactical programs to shape and/or to change your organization's corporate culture.

Organization Benefits:

  • Increased productivity: if employees are engaged they
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We focus on your biggest asset... employees!

At DMY Consulting, we focus on supporting companies in meeting their business goals. We offer a variety of business services including professional facilitation services, change management services specifically to shaping or changing your corporate culture, and communication services.

What makes us unique,we offer a one-stop shop for business services. For example if you are looking at shaping your corporate culture, we will be able to facilitate discussion around what needs to done, work with leaders and employees to find out what they need to make the change and then do a strategic communication plan to support the change.

Our mandate at DMY is to focus on the people side of what we do. For example in a strategic planning session, not only do we plan the agenda and make sure your objectives are met...we also focus on how to engage everyone in the room to ensure everyone is heard and acknowledged.


Next Steps...

If any of these services is of interest please contact us, and someone will get back to you shortly of how DMY Consulting Ltd. can be of service to your organization.