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Training Programs

Program Development and Instructor Services

We offer a variety of training programs and workshops which can be customized  to organization and community needs. As we value empowerment and collaboration our teaching model is designed to shape a learning process together. The course offerings include but aren’t limited to


Entrepreneurship Training

An Innovative Solution

Starting a Business (4-6 weeks)

Participants will have an understanding of how to write a business plan (including how to conduct market research). 

Participants will have an understanding of what goes into starting a business.


Business Skills Workshops

This is a sample of our some of our courses. Contact us for other course offerings.

Running Effective Meetings

How many have left meetings and thought that could have been done in an email? Participants will leave with meeting templates and an understanding of how to be concise during meetings and what type of information to send prior to a meeting. 

Business Communication

Participants will have an understanding on how to use the correct medium for the message to ensure they are being heard. This will include email tips to ensure that your email does not get lost in the hundreds that people can receive in a day!

Presentation Skills

Participants will have the knowledge of what makes an effective presentation and develop their public speaking skills


Indigenous Training

Turning a New Page

These courses are tailored specifically for indigenous communities as each of the programs has local language, culture and history components. 

Indigenous Tourism Ambassador Program (4-6 weeks)

This course prepares participants to be Ambassadors for their community or start up a tourism business. Topics include indigenous tourism, local protocols, culture, history, customer service, how to be an effective guide. Local mentors will be brought into the class to share knowledge.

Indigenous Entrepreneurship (4-6 weeks)

Participants will understand how to evaluate their business idea and leave the course with how to complete their business plan. Experts in the different aspects of the business community will be brought in.