Our Clients


Owl's Path Tourism Partnership

Strategic services, business planning, strategic communications

We have partnered with Owl's Path Tourism to build an Indigenous Chamber BC and Convention/Cultural Centre

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Nisga'a Lisims Government

Strategic Planning, Training, Event Management

Initiated and implemented the first ever Nisga’a Business Conference with 300 attendees, creating a tourism communication strategy, leading public engagement sessions, facilitating strategic planning sessions, and develop and deliver tourism and entrepreneurship programs and workshops
----“Denise brings a collaborative approach to everything she does. She not only "advises" but also gets the work done in a professional, collaborative way which is very important in our community”, Bertram Mercer, Economic Development Manager, NLG


TOP Canada Foundation


*Developing content and instructor for indigenous tourism and entrepreneurship programs
--“It was an absolute pleasure working with Denise. She connected with us and the students with ease. Her classroom had a great atmosphere and she always went above and beyond to make sure her lessons delivered valuable information and the students were happily engaged. She works from her heart and has strong values, which is very important to us. She holds strong morals and a genuine code of ethics that is most valuable when working in communities. She cares wholeheartedly about her clients and the content she delivers. We definitely recommend her services and look forward to working with her again.” Mary Mason, CEO, Owls Path Tourism


University of Victoria


Developing content and teaching indigenous business classes
--”Denise connects with students quickly and empowers students which is critical in creating a successful learning environment.” Program Director, Gustavson School of Business

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Training Program Development, Instructor

Developing and instructing 8-week entrepreneurship and tourism programs
*Achieved a minimum 85% positive rating in post course evaluations on a weekly basis
--“Working and learning with Denise has been a pleasure to say the least. Her skill set has been an asset in this program. Denise has shown skill and immaculate organization skills along with a positive attitude and a sense of humour that has lifted our spirits on days that we needed it the most. I wish that all teachers were inspiring and uplifting like Denise”. Michelle C., Bridge River Indian Band Student
--“Denise is one of the best instructors I have had. She empowered and held me accountable in a compassionate way. I feel confident in moving forward with my business and she made learning enjoyable.” Anonymous from survey, Student